DAGA Co-Chairs Condemn Republican AG Letter That Threatens Businesses Over Diversity

July 14, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC — The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the following statement today in response to 13 Republican Attorneys General threatening Fortune 100 CEOs over their inclusion of diversity as an element in their hiring practices:

Statement from DAGA Co-Chairs Delaware AG Kathy Jennings and Nevada AG Aaron Ford:

“We strongly condemn this anti-diversity, anti-business, and anti-economy letter by some Republican Attorneys General. They have wasted no time in trying to misinform the public and the business community on the Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action rulings by trying to take businesses and workers hostage with overt threats. Their letter contains cherry-picked sources that paint a false picture of America’s workforce today. They have impugned the integrity and skills of Americans with backgrounds and ability levels that are different from their own – whether those Americans are of a different race, a different sexual orientation or gender identity, or of a different ability level.

“To be clear: it is legal for businesses to be responsive to their workforce’s wishes and concerns through diversity programs and initiatives. Many business leaders have for decades been rightfully committed to supporting all of their employees and enriching their businesses as a result.

“Above all, this Republican AG letter continues with their fanatical quest to neutralize thoughts, actions, and opinions of those who do not kowtow to their backwards philosophies. Republican AGs have spent much of the last several years interfering in the free market and with private businesses – a grave departure from their old posture. For generations, the Republican Party preached a laissez-faire, hands-off approach to our businesses and economy. Now, they seek to use legal threats to dictate businesses’ actions, as well as Americans’ private medical decisions, LGBTQ+ rights, and much more.

“Democratic Attorneys General are proud to fight for freedom and the protection of every American’s unalienable rights and dignity. We have opened up civil rights divisions and labor divisions in our state Attorneys General offices to protect Americans — many of whom will be impacted by Republican threats to businesses and workers. We will stand in the breach every single day on their behalf.”


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