DAGA Download – 2020 Top Moments

December 23, 2020


We know you’ve heard us say it a million times before: Down ballot matters. But as we close out the year that has been 2020, we wanted to take a moment to show you just some of the ways your support changed the course of this year’s election.

DAGA hit a number of records this year across its small dollar and grassroots program. DAGA broke our record for the most individual online donations in a single day and broke our record for the most money raised in a single day. And, more than 82% of DAGA’s 2020 donors are first time donors with monthly recurring donations increasing by 83% this year. DAGA’s email list over the year grew 35%. All of this sets DAGA up for success heading into 2021 and 2022.

This success helped propel DAGA’s electoral success as we re-elected key battleground incumbent Democratic AGs in North Carolina AG Josh Stein and Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro. Additionally, Democratic AGs continue to prove why they are the bench of the Democratic Party with California AG Xavier Becerra being selected to serve as Secretary of Health and Human Services, former Michigan AG Jennifer Granholm being selected to serve as Secretary of Energy, and of course the successful election of former California AG and current U.S. Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States. Stay tuned as more announcement are made!

Read more about how your investment in DAGA helped propel our success this year, and beyond here and watch DAGA’s end of year video below.


The Dem AGs in 2020: Fighting for the People

As 2020 comes to a close, here’s a quick look at why the Democratic AGs earned the nickname the “muscle of the resistance” and how the Democratic AG coalition came together to protect our democracy and fight for families and communities.

  • DEFENDING DEMOCRACY: In the lead up to the 2020 election, Democratic AGs used every legal tool available to protect access to the ballot box.
  • PROTECTING REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: In perhaps one of the biggest cases before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding reproductive rights and access to abortion, Democratic AGs — led by New York AG Tish James — put support behind June Medical Services, a clinic at risk of being shut down in Louisiana.
  • CALLING FOR POLICE REFORM: Democratic AGs continue to listen to the Black community, meet with community leaders, and take proactive measures to address police brutality, pursue reform, close the racial inequity gap, and rebuild trust in leadership.
  • DEFENDING DREAMERS: Led by California AG Xavier Becerra and New York AG Tish James, a Democratic AG coalition successfully defended the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • SAVING SNAP: In October, District of Columbia AG Karl Racine led a coalition of 20 Democratic AGs in successfully blocking Trump to protect access to affordable food during a critical moment in our nation’s COVID response.
  • DEFENDING ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: For the last two plus years, all Democratic AGs, led by California AG Xavier Becerra, have thrown their support behind defending the Affordable Care Act from the Republican AGs and Trump administration-led sabotage.
  • STOPPING BETSY DEVOS (AGAIN & AGAIN): A coalition of Democratic AGs led by Michigan AG Dana Nessel and California AG Xavier Becerra successfully stopped Secretary DeVos from diverting CARES Act funding away from public schools and towards private schools.
  • TAKING ON SPECIAL INTERESTS: Throughout the year Democratic AGs took on some of the biggest special interests across the country.
  • BATTLING THE COVID-19 CRISIS: From demanding resources and equipment for first responders and front line workers to calling for internet access for all to fighting price gouging and defending mask mandates, Democratic AGs were the tip of the spear in helping the American people stay safe.
  • PROTECTING THE PLANET & COMBATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS: Democratic AGs continued to lead the charge in protecting the planet and combating the climate crisis.
  • ANTI-DISCRIMINATION EFFORTS: Democratic AGs fight for equal protection under the law for all individuals. In 2020, Democratic AGs fought for equality and pushed back against attempts to discriminate.

Read more about the critical work Democratic AGs have done this year to protect the people, our families, and our communities; uphold the rule of law; and defend our country’s democratic institutions here.

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