DAGA Download – August 23

August 23, 2019

Here is what happened this week for DAGA and our Democratic Attorneys General:

  • KENTUCKY: On Thursday, DAGA released polling showing Kentucky Democrats leading in three top statewide races including Democratic AG candidate Greg Stumbo leading Bevin-McConnell-backed Daniel Cameron 46% to 39%. DAGA Executive Director Sean Rankin said, “What we’re seeing is that Kentuckians are tired of Bevin and McConnell, and that it’s possible for Kentuckians to be supportive of President Trump but choose not to support Bevin, McConnell, and now McConnell’s guy Daniel Cameron.” For more on the numbers, check out the press release here.
  • MISSISSIPPI: Thursday was #BlackWomensEqualPay Day. Democratic nominee for Mississippi AG, Jennifer Riley Collins, marked the occasion by reminding voters that she will fight for equal treatment as AG highlighting that “MS black women are paid .55 for every dollar a white man makes, putting their health and the health of their families at risk. As AG I will fight for the equal treatment of all under the law.”


Late Thursday, a coalition of Attorneys General from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia announced a voluntary agreement with 12 of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies to prevent and punish illegal robocallers. “A great aspect of what we’re trying to do today is shine a bright light on this sordid industry that exists in the darkness,” said North Carolina AG Josh Stein who is leading the effort on the Democratic side. “With all these commitments that telephone companies are making, we will have much greater ability to know who it is that’s breaking our laws,” AG Stein added. Learn more from CNN here.

 North Carolina AG Josh Stein joined MSNBC’s Ali Velshi to talk more about the latest action against robocallers. “It is imperative that we take action and as state Attorneys General, whose job it is to protect the people of our states, we decided we couldn’t wait on Washington.” Watch the full 5-minute clip here!

  • On Monday, Sean Rankin, DAGA Executive Director, spoke with Bloomberg’s Chief Washington Correspondent Kevin Cirilli on his radio show “Sound On” to discuss the headlines of the day: the 2020 election, the upcoming debates and the impact of a recession on the upcoming elections. Listen to the full program here!
  • Over the weekend, Lizzie Ulmer, DAGA Communications Director, spoke with Democrats Abroad podcast about why having Democratic AGs is critical in protecting our democracy from those who seek to do harm to our communities of color, our environment, women’s reproductive rights, and more. Listen to the full cast here!
  • DEFENDING ENDANGERED SPECIES: In an editorial by The New York Times, “The Species Act, Endangered: ‘Like a Plan From a Cartoon Villain’,” specifically cites the work by California AG Xavier Becerra & Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and their intention to take the Trump admin to court and fight back against the Trump admins attack on environmental protections. Read the full editorial here!
  • HERRING HELPS HARMED VETS: In an editorial in the Richmond Times-DispatchVirginia AG Mark Herring earned praised for his work protecting servicemembers and veterans. “Since 2014, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has aggressively pursued swindlers in Virginia.” The Editorial Board went on to further support AG Herring saying, “We join Herring in hoping this settlement sends a strong message to other swindlers who try to rip off honest folks.” Read more here!
  • COLORADO THANKS AG WEISER: Colorado AG Phil Weiser saw support from The Gazette’s recent editorial for his work on Medicare. “Medicare patients in Colorado Springs should thank Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser. He did exactly what The Gazette editorial board implores politicians to do. He fought for more competition to protect consumers from soaring prices.” AG Weiser also joined the Democratic AG coalition defending the ACA from the Republican attacks in court. Read the full editorial here!
  • RACINE’S CJR RECORD: DAGA Co-Chair District of Columbia AG Karl Racine penned a piece with D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen for the Washington Post about criminal justice reform in the District and the importance of rehabilitation. Read the full op-ed here!
  • UTAH DESERVES BETTER: In the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, DAGA Political Director Farah Melendez wrote an op-ed about why Utahns deserve better from their state Attorney General and urges Utah voters to pay attention to AG races saying, “Utah voters, please do yours: pay attention to your attorney general and where he stands on the issues that matter. And most importantly, vote.” Read the full op-ed here!
  • WHAT’S ON WASHINGTON (STATE): Washington AG Bob Ferguson announced he would be seeking re-election in 2020. This announcement came on the heels of the news that Washington Governor Jay Inslee dropped out of the presidential race to seek a third term as Governor of Washington.
    In an effort to get voters and presidential candidates attention on the important down ballot races in 2020, Run For Something and a coalition of partners is pushing all 2020 candidates to take the down ballot pledge. DAGA is proud to stand with Run For Something and other organizations like Emily’s List, The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), Emerge and more! Check out the full coalition and more details here!

2020 Presidential Race Update

Elizabeth Warren demonstrated she knows the power of state AGs too. In her latest plan on criminal justice reform, Senator Warren included the need to empower state AGs!

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