DAGA Download – August 30

August 30, 2019

Here is what happened this week for DAGA and our Democratic Attorneys General:


  • MISSISSIPPI RUNOFF: On Tuesday, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch squeaked out a victory against Andy Taggart for the GOP nomination for Attorney General. In response to the results, DAGA Executive Director Sean Rankin doubled down on our support for Jennifer Riley Collins saying, “Riley Collins is a seasoned attorney and has served her country for 32 years in the United States Army. She knows what it means to serve the people and will be an AG that puts the people first. We can’t say the same of Lynn Fitch.”
  • DAGA ENDORSEMENT: On Friday, DAGA endorsed Greg Stumbo for Kentucky Attorney General. “As a seasoned attorney and public servant, Stumbo knows how to win in the court room and has years of experience protecting and defending the people of Kentucky,” said DAGA Executive Director Sean Rankin. Read the full endorsement statement here!
  • 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT GOP CANDIDATE DANIEL CAMERON (KY): With less than 10 weeks until Election Day, voters in Kentucky should be getting more worried about Mitch McConnell’s recent staffer and Republican nominee for Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Cameron’s lack of legal experience and his Washington, D.C. connections to McConnell are clearly concerning qualities for someone who wants to serve as the chief legal officer in the state. Learn all about why Daniel Cameron doesn’t cut it for Kentucky in this memo here.Bonus Content: Reminder that DAGA released a poll last week showing Democrats are poised to win three top statewide elections including the AG race.

“The Democratic litigants are finding greater success against Trump than the Republicans did against Obama…with 40 victories and nine losses under their belt, a success rate of 82 percent,” Paul Nolette, Political Scientist at Marquette University told the Washington Post. Focusing on how Democratic AGs are protecting our democracy and the rule of law, the article goes on to note that “the Trump administration has been on the losing end of at least 85 federal court decisions.”


A profile on DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum in the Eugene Weekly calls her the “Trump Hunter,” going on to say that “Oregon’s AG isn’t afraid to take Trump to court.” The article focuses on the work AG Rosenblum is doing to protect our environment. In fact, she has “filed 104 environmental actions, including lawsuits and other legal filings,” all in the name of clean air, clean water, and to combat climate change. The piece also notes that the DAGA Co-Chair “is on the front lines suing the Trump administration over a Title X rule.” Read the full Eugene Weekly profile here!

On Monday, California AG Xavier Becerra led a coalition of 20 Democratic AGs in a lawsuit challenging a Trump regulation that would lift court-granted protections for young migrant detainees under the Flores Settlement Agreement, allowing immigration authorities to detain children indefinitely. AG Becerra called the regulations “morally reprehensible” and “illegal.” Read more about this effort to protect children and stand up for the most vulnerable among us in the Washington Post here!


“Whenever I file a suit or take on a case or help craft a bill, it’s always with the citizens of the state in mind first and foremost,” Colorado AG Phil Weiser told the Colorado Springs Independent. AG Weiser has been on the job for 8 months, and he’s “filed briefs in favor of 17 suits against the federal government, ranging from abortion rights to defending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — or DACA.” Read more about AG Weiser and what he has accomplished for the people of Colorado here!


On Thursday, Michigan AG Dana Nessel released a cautionary statement on the Brooklyn, NY based “Me Too Kits” Company. “This company is shamelessly trying to take financial advantage of the ‘Me Too’ movement by luring victims into thinking that an at-home-do-it-yourself sexual assault kit will stand up in court,” AG Nessel said. AG Nessel warned consumers that these “commercially produced ‘sexual assault kits’ would not only cost victims their own money but would prevent them from getting the health care services they need following an assault.” AG Nessel sent a letter to the company. Read her full statement here!

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