DAGA Proudly Endorses Chris Mann in Kansas Attorney General Race

June 2, 2022

From the Police Department to the Courtroom, Kansas Attorney General Candidate Seeks to Refocus the Office

Washington, DC — Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) formally endorsed Chris Mann to be Kansas’ next Attorney General. Mann is a qualified public servant in every sense of the phrase. With a background in law enforcement and career as a prosecutor, he seeks to reestablish the focus of the Kansas Office of Attorney General to be the People’s Lawyer for all Kansans.

Statement from Sean Rankin, President, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“We are proud to endorse Chris Mann for Kansas Attorney General, who will bring a new and needed perspective to this office. He’s dedicated his life to fighting crime — first as a police officer and then as a prosecutor. Throughout his career, he’s worked to hold the powerful accountable and protect consumers and seniors. When elected, Mann will fight to defend the Constitution, protect the rule of law, and work to keep Kansas families safe. Kansas deserves someone as their Attorney General who will focus on serving the people. That candidate is Chris Mann and that is why we are proud to support his campaign for Kansas Attorney General.”

Statement from Chris Mann, Democratic candidate for Kansas Attorney General:

“I have spent my career serving Kansans and working to keep our families safe. The call to serve the public began when I watched my Dad leave for work every day as a police officer. I was fortunate to follow in his footsteps. I’ve served as a police officer and prosecuted crimes from traffic tickets to murder. I’ll use my experience to make sure the Attorney General’s office is focused on public safety, not politics. I’m honored to have DAGA’s support, which is a recognition of our efforts to build a campaign that connects with Kansans of every background and political party. I know it’s going to take a bipartisan coalition to win in November, and I welcome every Kansan to join us.”


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