DAGA Hits Chris Carr as He Teases Georgia Governor Run; Georgia AG Seat in Play in 2026

July 31, 2023

AJC Calls Carr Out: “He’s No Moderate”

Washington, DC — According to the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionGeorgia Attorney General Chris Carr is telling political supporters he is running for Governor in 2026.

Statement from Emily Trifone, DAGA’s Deputy Communications Director:

“Chris Carr loves to push his extreme political agenda — but he’s failed Georgians. He’s failed to take responsibility for Georgia’s rising crime which has taken place on his watch. He’s supported Georgia’s dangerous open carry law, which polls show voters overwhelmingly oppose. He’s talked about how Georgia’s new anti-abortion law would allow him to prosecute abortion providers.

“To top it off, he was the Chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association when they sent a robocall urging people to “fight” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021 – and it took him months to resign from serving as RAGA’s Chairman, even though more than one hundred police officers were hurt that day.

“Chris Carr’s love for his own political career is topped only by his love of extreme and dangerous policies that hurt Georgia and America. He would be a disaster as Governor, just as he has been as Attorney General. The Georgia AG seat is going to be a top tier, competitive race and we are ready to flip this seat in 2026.”


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