DAGA on RNC Declaring Jan. 6th Insurrection “Legitimate Political Discourse”

February 7, 2022

Washington, DC — Last week, the Republican National Committee officially declared the Jan. 6 insurrection and attack on the Capitol “legitimate political discourse.” The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the following statement on the RNC’s resolution.

Statement from Emily Trifone, Deputy Communications Director, DAGA:“‘Legitimate political discourse’ is when candidates disagree on an issue and debate how to fix it. It is not what you call a violent attack on this country’s Capitol and law enforcement officers. But this is what Republicans are aligning themselves with — whether it’s attacking each other in a messy GOP Attorney General primary or downplaying the insurrection, they’ll do and say anything to get Trump’s approval and distract from the real issues facing our voters.”


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