DAGA Raises $7.76 Million in Mid-Year 2023 Report; Nearly 40% Increase Over 2019

July 31, 2023

DAGA’s Fundraising Growth Marked by Strong Electoral Wins, AG National Leadership on Key Issues, Outraising RAGA in 2022

Washington, DC — Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) announced its record-breaking fundraising for its 2023 mid-year report: $7.76 million across all entities. DAGA’s 2023 haul is a nearly 40% increase over its 2019 fundraising numbers in the same reporting period.

DAGA’s fundraising success in 2023 comes on the heels of outraising RAGA in 2022, as Democratic AGs and candidates took center stage in the national fight over abortion access and reproductive rights. DAGA flipped two seats last cycle and retained all of its 2018 flip seats in the battleground states of Colorado, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin. DAGA has won a majority of its competitive seats against RAGA since 2016.

Democratic AGs are leading the nation on critical issues:

Statement by Sean Rankin, President of DAGA:

“DAGA’s fundraising strength is a testament to the hard work of our Attorneys General and candidates, our partners, and our staff. Our AGs are on the frontlines of the biggest policy fights in America – from reproductive rights, to defending the LGBTQ+ community, to fighting GOP attempts to interfere in businesses’ hiring and investment decisions — and donors, allies, and partners have joined us with sustained and significant investment.

“We are well-positioned for the rest of this year as well as the cycle ahead. There is no rest in this off-year election cycle. We continue accumulating the resources needed to compete and win in 2023 races: my home state of Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We also are focused on building the resources needed to hold both North Carolina and Pennsylvania next year and compete across the country in emerging battleground states. This year’s work is a springboard for us into the next phases of our growth and success in elevating our Attorneys General.”



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