The Democratic Attorneys General Association Supports Josh Kaul for Wisconsin Attorney General

May 25, 2018

Watch: Josh Kaul on Why He’s Running for Wisconsin Attorney General

Washington, D.C.— In advance of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin state convention, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) endorsed Josh Kaul for Wisconsin Attorney General today. Kaul is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney from Baltimore where he prosecuted violent criminals and drug traffickers. As a private attorney, Kaul worked on significant voting rights cases to protect the fundamental right to vote including a prominent case in Wisconsin.

“We are proud to endorse Josh Kaul in Wisconsin for Attorney General,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Josh is the kind of diligent, hard-working, and fair-minded person that makes an effective, earnest public servant.

“It’s time that Wisconsin is able to benefit from having an Attorney General with character managing the people’s work,” continued Rankin. “Kaul’s track record of keeping communities safe, cracking down on crime, and ensuring the law treats everyone fairly make him the kind of leader Wisconsin can trust to get the job done.”

In November, Kaul will face Republican incumbent Brad Schimel, who has recently come under fire for speaking at an anti-LGBTQ group event during his first term in office and bragging that the discriminatory Voter ID law in Wisconsin helped his friends President Donald Trump and Senator Ron Johnson win their 2016 elections.

“Brad Schimel drags his feet and focuses on gimmicks instead of taking the work of the people of Wisconsin seriously—but the people will always come first with Josh Kaul as Attorney General,” added Rankin. “Wisconsin has fallen backward under Brad Schimel’s inaction over the last four years. Luckily voters have a choice in November: Brad Schimel, who speaks to anti-LGBTQ groups, continues to fail in addressing the rape kit backlog, and brags about his role in discriminatory voter ID laws, or Josh Kaul, a dedicated public servant who has spent his career fighting to keep people safe and protect communities. Josh Kaul is clearly the better choice for Attorney General in Wisconsin.”

In April, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin joined DAGA to launch Say Bye To Backlog Brad, a microsite calling out Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel’s inability to do his job. The site highlights how Brad Schimel consistently fails to understand his role as Attorney General and constantly fails to meet the needs of the people.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) provides political and policy support to Democratic Attorneys General and candidates in their mission to protect civil rights, promote progress and diversity, fight corruption, and ensure the law is applied fairly for all of those that live and work in America.  Democratic Attorneys General play a crucial role in protecting our democracy as part of our country’s system of checks and balances. As a Committee, we are building a platform to highlight their successes and to extend their reach as they work to serve as the People’s Lawyers. From bringing those outside of the political arena into the fold through partnerships with General Assembly to driving the 1881 Initiative to elect more Democratic women to the office of Attorney General with Emerge America, DAGA continues to prioritize innovation, data, communication, and relationship building as key elements to providing political and policy support to Democratic State Attorneys General and candidates.

For more information on Josh Kaul, please visit DAGA’s Meet the Candidates page.

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