DAGA Thanks AG Miller for Decades of Service to Iowans Following Election Results

November 9, 2022

Washington, DC — After serving as the nation’s longest-serving state Attorney General in U.S. history, AG Tom Miller came up short in his bid for re-election. The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) sends our most profound appreciation to AG Miller for his unwavering commitment to serving Iowans as their People’s Lawyer.

Statement from Sean Rankin, President, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“As our nation’s longest-serving state Attorney General, AG Miller has shown unwavering commitment year after year to serve the needs of every Iowan, no matter their politics. While the election results did not break in our favor today, we are filled with gratitude for the years of service that AG Miller gave to Iowa and to us here at DAGA. The work of a state Attorney General is critical, and AG Miller understood the impact his work has had on the livelihoods of Iowa families for decades. He has been a tireless fighter, creating the nation’s first-ever farm division in an AG’s office and defending Iowans’ right to access quality, affordable health care. He has set the standard for what to expect of a public servant, and we know he will continue to work on behalf of Iowa families.”


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