Daily Beast: Trump “Delighted” After Virginia GOP AG Fired Jan. 6th Investigator

January 31, 2022

Washington, DC — After news broke that “the top staff investigator on the House committee scrutinizing the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has been fired” by new Virginia AG Jason Miyares, former President Trump was apparently thrilled.

As the Daily Beast reports, “According to a person with direct knowledge of the matter, when former President Trump learned of the news last week, ‘he was delighted,’ and ‘he said he wants to see more of this.’”

More of what? More Republicans pandering to his “Big Lie.”

The Daily Beast reports, “Since last year, Republicans have increasingly signaled how they plan to exact vengeance on those who’ve tried to make them and their leader, Donald Trump, pay any price for the coup attempt following the 2020 election. For his part, the twice-impeached former president has his own wish list of conspiracy theory-fueled ideas for how to get even—and he has personally pushed other GOP figures to commit to them.”

They go on to say, “the right is already showing that they are more than willing to punish these investigators, if and when they can. After all, some Republicans aren’t waiting for the 2022 elections to be over, and have started doing it, anyway.” Cue AG Miyares’ recent actions.

Several Republican AGs and AG candidates support the “Big Lie,” and will continue to put Trump and his efforts over upholding the law. On the other hand, Democratic Attorneys General are leading the legal fight against it, while protecting millions of Americans’ votes and private information, and holding people accountable for their actions on Jan. 6th and the run-up to the insurrection.


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