Dan Bishop Drives Dysfunction, Chaos in Congress

October 4, 2023

Extremist Bishop is Wrong for North Carolina AG

Washington, DC — Dan Bishop has spent his entire time in Congress as part of the “House Chaos Caucus.” The Capitol Broadcasting Company Editorial Board writes“With two votes in less than a week Bishop has, again, shown his personal ideological agenda is more important than the critical needs and best interests of North Carolina and the nation. Bishop is a key player in creating the dysfunction in Congress and the nation suffers for it.”

“What Bishop shows his constituents in the state’s Eighth Congressional District is that a fringe ideological agenda is more important than upholding the nation’s security, health financial integrity and Constitution. For someone who says he wants to be North Carolina’s attorney general – the top law enforcement job in the state – he doesn’t demonstrate much respect for the rule of law.”

The Charlotte Observer Editorial Board also underscored,“He’s spent months creating chaos in Congress, taking hardline positions that risked both a historic debt default and a government shutdown. He’s repeatedly threatened to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for working with Democrats to avoid both.”

“But he still bears responsibility for the ‘chaos’ that he says will arise from ousting McCarthy, whether he voted for it in the end or not. He already opened Pandora’s box, and closing it now makes little difference. It’s akin to arsonists trying to throw a splash of water on a fire that they started themselves. Whatever damage it inflicts is still his fault.”

“By bailing on the mess that he created, Bishop is essentially admitting that his rebellion was never a serious effort. It was never designed to lead to anything constructive. It was always about chaos.”

Politics North Carolina emphasized, “Dan Bishop is not moderate or reasonable. He is an extremist. He would burn the country down for his radical beliefs or enough attention. Why would we let him near the Department of Justice?”


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