Dan Bishop Threatens “Reckoning” for North Carolina Amidst Kevin McCarthy Drama

October 3, 2023

Bishop’s Vote Does Nothing to Change His Extremist Track Record

Washington, DC — Last week, MAGA extremist Rep. Dan Bishop and his allies made headlines for coming within hours of shutting down the federal government. Now he’s warning North Carolinians that he’s going to bring a “reckoning” to the state as in his campaign for Attorney General.

Statement from Emily Trifone, DAGA’s Deputy Communications Director:

“Dan Bishop tried to shutdown our federal government and he’s spent his entire political career as a radical extremist. His failed chaotic strategies won’t work in the Attorney General’s Office. We look forward to beating him come 2024.”

Bishop’s partisan politics won’t work in his Attorney General campaign. The Charlotte Observer Ed Board writes, “Rep. Dan Bishop has been busy up in Washington, but to say he’s been engaged in actual governing is too generous. Rather, the North Carolina Republican appears singularly focused on driving dysfunction.”

Last week, “Bishop and a small number of far-right House Republicans have chosen to play hardball on government spending, outright refusing to pass a budget unless it meets their tall demands.”

“Throughout his political career, Bishop has consistently been someone willing to take extreme measures, regardless of the consequences. He may have been able to get away with that behavior in his solidly Republican district, but it’s an odd strategy for someone who is running for attorney general — a statewide office — in 2024. Shutting down the government doesn’t seem to be something an ordinary politician would want to take credit for, yet Bishop might be willing to do just that — a position so ridiculous that no other North Carolina Republican has joined him.”


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