DEBATE: AG Keith Ellison Defeats Hedge Fund Lawyer in Final AG Debate

October 23, 2022

Washington, DC — AG Keith Ellison defeated hedge fund lawyer Jim Schultz in their final debate in the Minnesota AG race. Schultz can run, but he can’t hide from his extreme record and the danger he poses to Minnesotans.

Even as Schultz tried to criticize AG Ellison’s work prosecuting Derek Chauvin, the facts are clear: Jim Schultz is woefully unprepared to be Attorney General. On Friday, Schultz admitted in the New York Times that he’s not up for the job: “Schultz acknowledged his lack of courtroom experience.” This major gap in experience is a significant weakness for Schultz – while AG Ellison has been widely credited with leading the prosecution of Derek Chauvin.

Schultz’s far-right views on abortion have become a major point of contention in this race, and they were on full display tonight. AG Ellison repeatedly pressed Schultz on his extreme anti-reproductive rights and views, which include his membership on the national board of an anti-abortion misinformation group and his work creating a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

 Ellison has demonstrated his commitment to keeping Minnesotans safe, including providing support to county prosecutors, who are the primary leaders of criminal prosecutions in Minnesota, and prosecuting nearly 50 violent criminals.

 Throughout tonight’s debate, as well as the three previous ones, AG Ellison has made a comprehensive argument why he must be re-elected as Attorney General – while Jim Schultz’s far-right views were on full display for Minnesotans to see.


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