DEBATE: AG Keith Ellison Defeats Hedge Fund Lawyer Jim Schultz in Third Debate

October 21, 2022

New York Times Story: Schultz Admits Lack of Courtroom Experience and Anti-Abortion Record

Washington, DC – Minnesota AG Keith Ellison handily defeated hedge fund lawyer Jim Schultz in tonight’s debate, as questions have mounted about Schultz’s dangerous record and lack of professional experience. Ellison routinely pressed Schultz on his record, which has received major national and state press attention. Earlier on Friday, the New York Times spotlighted Schultz’s disturbing anti-reproductive rights record: “Democrats would prefer to talk about Schultz’s view on abortion. They point to his former position on the board of the Human Life Alliance, a conservative group that opposes abortion rights and falsely suggests that abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer, as evidence that his real agenda is ‘an attempt to chip away at abortion access until it can be banned outright,’ as Ken Martin, the chair of the Minnesota Democratic Party, put it.” Jim Schultz is woefully unprepared to be Attorney General. The Times even captured Schultz admitting that he’s not up for the job: “Schultz acknowledged his lack of courtroom experience.” This major gap in experience is a significant weakness for Schultz.Attorney General Ellison defeated Jim Schultz tonight in the debate – just as he will at the ballot box in a few short weeks.


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