DEBATE: Attorney General Josh Kaul Wins Wisconsin AG Debate, Hammering Extremist Opponent on Public Safety, Abortion

October 27, 2022

Kaul Highlights Opponent’s Failures, Radical Abortion Policy to let County DA’s Prosecute Abortions Across County Lines

Washington, DC — Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul decisively won today’s AG debate, as he repeatedly hammered his opponent for his radical dangerous abortion policies and his failure to keep Wisconsinites safe.

Kaul spotlighted Eric Toney’s dangerous abortion policy of allowing county DA’s to cross county lines and prosecute for abortion crimes under the state’s 19th century abortion ban – even as Toney tried to lie about his position. Here’s video of Toney pushing for his cross-county abortion prosecutions:

 Kaul also highlighted Toney’s failures to keep Wisconsinites safe, including a horrendous case where Toney’s office let a nine-time felon out on low bail – and the felon subsequently killed a firefighter.

After two debates, it’s crystal clear to Wisconsinites: Attorney General Josh Kaul is the right choice this November to keep Wisconsin safe and protect reproductive rights across the state.


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