DEBATE FLAG: Abe Hamadeh Defends Arizona’s Abortion Ban

September 29, 2022

Trump’s Handpicked Candidate Backs Dangerous Ban, As Arizona Polls Show Major Opposition

Washington, DC – During last night’s debate, Abe Hamadeh defended Arizona’s dangerous abortion ban – and his Democratic opponent, Kris Mayes, absolutely hammered him over it.

Recent polling from non-partisan firm OHPredictive highlighted a devastating political reality: “An overwhelming majority of Arizona voters want abortion to be legal in at least some cases (91%), leaving only 9% of those who believe there should be a total ban on abortion in the state.”

Let’s be clear: Abe Hamadeh has a major political problem on his hands. Here’s the Arizona Republic on the game-changing moment from last night’s debate:

Hamadeh made clear he would enforce the state’s 158-year-old anti-abortion ban upheld last week by a Pima County judge and that he would not have helped certify the 2020 election in Arizona because of concerns over possible fraud. Mayes used his positions to paint him as dangerous to democracy and to women.


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