DEBATE FLAG: Carr Plays Partisan Politics, Refuses to Take Responsibility for Georgia’s Crime Increase

October 18, 2022

After Six Years, Carr Failed To Combat Rising Crime

Washington, DC — In Georgia, Attorney General Chris Carr had a startling mistake in his debate against Democratic AG nominee Jen Jordan…

He tried to pass the blame for Georgia’s rising crime rate, including Georgia’s murder rate, which is now in the top 10 states.

 Carr tried to deflect blame from his own record, but Senator Jordan quickly corrected him and beat Carr at his own game, saying it was “his job and he has failed miserably.”

He even tried to say crime is one party’s fault or responsibility – but Georgians know crime is not a partisan issue and it’s alarming he thinks it is.

Chris Carr has been Attorney General for six years and has failed to get crime under control. He’s responsible for the danger facing Georgia’s families and workers today – and Georgians are going to hold him responsible with their votes this fall.


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