Democratic AGs Fight Back, Send Letter of Support to Pharmacies Dispensing Abortion Pills

February 16, 2023

While Republican AGs Threaten Legal Action Over Medication Abortion

Washington, DC — Today, Democratic AGs continued the fight against Republican AGs’ attempt to ban access to medication abortion pills. “Democratic state attorneys general are ratcheting up pressure on Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. and CVS Health Corp. to follow through on plans to dispense the abortion pill over warnings from Republican-led states,” reports Bloomberg.

 Bloomberg continues, In a letter to executives on Thursday, they urged the companies to ignore threats of legal action from the GOP states. The back-to-back letters come as abortion rights advocates and foes battle over access to the abortion pill — a fight that took on new urgency after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, sharply limiting or effectively barring the procedure in many states.” The letter was led by Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, California AG Rob Bonta, and Washington AG Bob Ferguson.

“After Walgreens and CVS said they would seek this approval, a group of 20 Republican attorneys general sent a joint letter to executives at both companies warning that they could face legal consequences if they decide to mail and distribute medication abortion in their states.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting also reported on the letter which was in response to GOP AGs issuing a letter threatening legal action against the companies writing, “The Democratic attorneys general call that an antiquated and meritless legal theory and say the pills are safe. They are FDA-approved for use in terminating pregnancy through 10 weeks of gestation.”

“‘Attorneys general in anti-abortion states are trying to scare retail pharmacy chains away from offering these critical medications,’ said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in a statement. ‘But, in a time when reproductive health care is under attack, our group of 23 attorneys general strongly believe we should be encouraging companies and providers to offer easily accessible, safe, and confidential healthcare as broadly as possible.’”


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