Democratic AGs Speak Out on Second Anniversary of Jan. 6 Insurrection

January 6, 2023

AGs from Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada Discussed Defeating Election Deniers in 2022 on DAGA Press Call

Washington, DC — Earlier today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association hosted a press call with DAGA Co-Chair and Nevada AG Aaron Ford, Michigan AG Dana Nessel, and Arizona AG Kris Mayes. The Democratic AGs discussed how they won big in the 2022 midterms, defeating far-right Republican extremists after voters overwhelmingly backed their pro-democracy platforms.

On the call, DAGA Co-Chair and Nevada AG Aaron Ford said, “As Attorneys General from the Democratic side of the aisle, we have long been at the frontlines of protecting democracy, protecting the right to vote, safeguarding our Constitution, and our nation’s peaceful transfer of power. From leading the legal battle against Donald Trump’s Big Lie to protecting millions of Americans’ votes and private information, and by holding people accountable for their actions on January 6, and the run up to the insurrection. We will continue to work together to further prevent attacks on our democracy and to protect every American’s freedom to vote in 2024 and beyond.” AG Ford continued, “I’m so proud to be serving as Co-Chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. We have some great colleagues who are dedicated to democracy. Democracy is in our name. And we will continue fighting for democracy, even against those who would undermine it.”

Michigan AG Dana Nessel said, “The damage to our democracy is ongoing. The threats remain to our elections and to our democracy. As a result, a substantial percentage of voters in our states still believe that elections are inaccurate, despite all evidence to the contrary. And election deniers were actually nominated for each of the executive statewide offices for the Republicans in 2022, even though they were all rejected by large margins by the voters, but many others were elected to various different offices in Michigan. So the need continues to closely monitor our elections, for attempts at disruption by bad actors, and vexatious lawsuits continue to be filed in each election.” AG Nessel concluded, “So until and unless the Republican Party and its leaders unequivocally condemn in no uncertain terms, the activities that occurred on January 6, 2021, and all the election denialism, which inspired it, the threat to our democracy will continue. But we will continue to be on guard to prevent the undermining of our system of elections and our system of democracy.”

Arizona AG Kris Mayes said, “Democracy ran through the state of Arizona and the people of Arizona came through for the country. And certainly that can be said for Nevada and Michigan where the people chose democracy. They chose sanity over chaos, and they chose democracy over autocracy…Here in Arizona, Democrats and pro-democracy candidates won all four of the top statewide races…which I think sends a signal that again, we were running against election denialists, people who were clearly wanted to overturn the 2020 election and made that obvious and apparent to the voters that the people of Arizona rejected that…This election in 2022 was very much about the 2024 election, and what we know will be continued efforts to overturn and undermine our democracy. But the candidates who won were ones who were talking about the issues that are most important to our states and certainly here in Arizona, where I talked about protecting our democracy.” AG Mayes concluded, “2022 was a critical election for our country, and attorneys generals across the country are going to be a part of continuing to safeguard and protect our democracy.”


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