Democratic AGs Support Michigan AG Dana Nessel, Condemn Violence, Threats of Violence Against Elected Officials

March 3, 2023

Washington, DC — Yesterday multiple news outlets reported on credible threats against several Jewish officials in Michigan, including Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Statement from Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings and Nevada AG Aaron Ford, DAGA Co-Chairs:

“We are proud to support and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. She is a national leader in confronting and taking on violent extremism and hatred through her Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism Unit, and we know that Attorney General Nessel will continue that vital work in the months and years ahead. Our Attorneys General are on the frontlines of confronting these threats, and we stand undeterred in our fight to protect the public from dangerous extremists.

“Yesterday’s news was deeply alarming, and we condemn this and all threats and acts of violence against elected officials and members of government. Dangerous actors, including our former President, have fueled the horrific rise in threats and the physical violence that has broken out across America in recent years. Both parties must speak out against this dark and violent fever, whether it is fueled by false theories about our elections, or hate against a particular group of people, especially anti-Semitism. We are proud to stand in the light against this darkness, and we will continue to do so alongside AG Nessel and every member of our Democratic Attorneys General family.”


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