Extremist GOP AG Candidates in Michigan, Arizona Cling To Trump’s Election Lies

August 4, 2022

New York Times: “In 4 Swing States, G.O.P. Election Deniers Could Oversee Voting”

Washington, DC —  Tuesday’s latest round of primaries makes one thing clear: Donald Trump and his Big Lie have a strong hold over the Republican Party. Yesterday, The New York Times sounded the alarm on GOP election-denying candidates, like GOP AG candidates Abe Hamadeh in Arizona and Matt DePerno in Michigan, writing, “Their history of anti-democratic impulses has prompted Democrats, democracy experts and even some fellow Republicans to question whether these officials would oversee fair elections and certify winners they didn’t support.”

“With Tuesday’s primary victories in Arizona and Michigan added to those in Nevada and Pennsylvania, Republicans who have disputed the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and who could affect the outcome of the next one are on a path toward winning decisive control over how elections are run in several battleground states,” the Times writes.

“There is no question that victories by these candidates in November could lead to sweeping changes to how millions of Americans vote. Several have proposed eliminating mail voting, ballot drop boxes and even the use of electronic voting machines, while empowering partisan election observers and expanding their roles.

The Times goes on to further underscore the danger that far-right GOP AG candidates pose to our democracy, saying in Arizona, “They also elevated Abraham Hamadeh, who called his opponents and other Republicans “weak-kneed” for supporting certification of the 2020 election, as their nominee for attorney general.

Also, stopping at nothing to promote Trump’s Big Lie is, “Matthew DePerno, the presumptive G.O.P. nominee for attorney general, was a central player in 2020 election challenges in Michigan and has pledged to investigate current state officials.”

Make no mistake — if Trump’s GOP AG candidates gain power, it will be the greatest threat to our democracy since January 6th, 2021. They have already proven that they will do whatever it takes to pursue his dangerous extremist agenda. With our fundamental freedoms on the line this November, we must vote to defend them by electing Democratic AGs and candidates will fight to defend our elections and safeguard our sacred right to vote.


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