Five Unanswered Questions for Arizona GOP AG Nominee Ahead of Debate

September 27, 2022

Abe Hamadeh Continues to Mislead Arizonans and Voters Deserve Answers

Washington, D.C. — Tomorrow, GOP far-right extremist and AG candidate Abe Hamadeh is set to debate Democratic AG nominee Kris Mayes in Arizona. With just weeks until election day, there are still several unanswered questions about Hamadeh’s credibility, legal and political history, and whether he actually cares for the Arizonans he claims he wants to protect. But given Hamadeh’s willingness to dig deeper into lies to mislead Arizona voters, we doubt he’ll give them any answers they deserve.

Here are five unanswered questions for Hamadeh ahead of the debate tomorrow:

  1. Why is Hamadeh running away from his extreme anti-abortion rhetoric? Hamadeh was silent following the news that the state’s abortion ban went into effect last week while Kris Mayes was holding a press conference stating that she would protect patients and providers in the state. Hamadeh has since released a statement affirming his plans to prosecute providers as the law states, yet is still running from the extreme rhetoric he used in the primary.
  2. Did Hamadeh properly disclose getting sued by his father to the Arizona Bar? The Arizona Republic reported that when Hamadeh “was a first-year law student, he and his two siblings were hit with a lawsuit in a dispute about control of vacant properties in several Arizona counties.” Thomas Ryan, who has represented lawyers before the Arizona Supreme Court’s Character and Fitness Committee, said of the lawsuit, “‘If you told me that it’s not only a member of the state Bar but someone who’s running for attorney general, I’d say complete disqualification from the office just on that alone.’
  3. How can Arizonans trust Hamadeh to be Arizona’s top legal official when he’s a proven 2020 election denier? Hamadeh has stated that he would not have certified the 2020 Arizona election results “despite a lack of evidence of any significant problems with it.” And on top of that, Hamadeh has also praised the fringe, debunked movie “2000 Mules” which has been widely mocked across the country.
  4. Can Arizonans expect Hamadeh to enforce the law when he has a history of not following election law himself? The Phoenix New Times revealed that “Hamadeh filed a campaign disclosure that misstated his income and omitted required details about businesses he owned.” The New Times also reported that as a teenager, Hamadeh “boasted to an online message board about voting before he was legally allowed to and altering his mom’s ballot.”
  5. Will Hamadeh address and answer for his anti-Semitic statements, both during this campaign and in his past? Forward reported on Hamadeh’s long history of dangerous, anti-Semitic rhetoric, writing, “Abraham Hamadeh wrote on an online message board that ‘Jews are influential and for the most part rich,’ and continues to promote conspiracy theories about George Soros, a Holocaust survivor.” The Phoenix New Times also came out with reporting on Hamadeh’s father’s alarming indictment with the firebombing of a synagogue in the 1990s and Hamadeh’s “antisemitic and sexist rants, backing Sheriff Joe Arpaio and arguing that voting should be limited to college graduates who pass intelligence tests.”

Arizonans deserve a qualified, transparent Attorney General who is committed to defending Arizonans and their constitutional rights. Kris Mayes is the only option for them in the AG race.


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