Georgia AG Chris Carr Wants to Prosecute Abortion Providers

September 19, 2022

Abortion Front and Center in AG Race

Washington, DC — As Georgia inches closer to Election Day, GOP Attorney General Chris Carr remains wildly out-of-touch with where Georgians are on abortion. Months after the state’s six-week abortion ban went into effect as a direct result of AG Carr’s actions, Carr’s goal of prosecuting abortion providers in the state became clear during an 11Alive News interview – along with his lies about the law allowing for the prosecution of patients.

Discussing the state’s abortion ban and patients seeking care in the state, Democratic AG nominee and reproductive rights champion Jen Jordan, said, “‘They don’t feel safe obviously because of gun violence, and they don’t feel safe going to their doctor’s office.’”

“The Georgia Attorney General is the state’s chief law enforcement officer. Whoever is elected would handle legal issues surrounding the state’s restrictive heartbeat law – which outlaws abortion five or six weeks after conception, when a fetal heartbeat is detected by ultrasound.”

“Jordan says the law – which gives personhood status to fetuses – would make women vulnerable to prosecution.”

“‘We’re not just talking about the criminal abortion statute. We’re talking about homicide, manslaughter, child abuse,’ Jordan said. ‘We’re talking about every single law in the Georgia code, because now an embryo has just as much rights as any woman does. And when you take that to its natural progression, yeah there are going to be women that are prosecuted.’”

Going after abortion providers, “Carr says the enforcement language in the heartbeat bill explicitly targets doctors.”

 Carr is out-of-touch with Georgians on this issue and is a threat to patient and provider safety in the state.


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