GOP AG Candidates in Arizona and Nevada Receive NRA Endorsements

September 13, 2022

GOP Candidates Put Special Interests over Public Safety

Washington, D.C. — Once again, Republican AG candidates have demonstrated that they are putting special interests ahead of the public safety of their communities. Yesterday, the GOP extremist nominees Abe Hamadeh in Arizona and Sigal Chattah in Nevada secured endorsements from the National Rifle Association. Instead of working to crack down on illegal guns falling into the wrong hands, these two extremist candidates are putting one of America’s worst special interests ahead of voters’ safety.

While GOP AGs and candidates choose to throw their support behind the NRA, Democratic AGs and candidates across the country, even in the deepest of red states, are committed to taking on special interests and boldly running on gun safety platforms to secure a safer future. Americans deserve state AGs who will fight for them, not special interests.


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