GOP AG Nominee Chooses Indicted Arms Dealer and $10,000 Over Nevadans and Public Safety

September 27, 2022

Chattah Keeps Donation, Defends Arms Smuggler

Washington, DC — NRA-backed Sigal Chattah is a threat to Nevada’s public safety. So much so that “Republican Sigal Chattah accepted the maximum allowable campaign contribution from Curtis DeBord, now sales director for a Nevada arms manufacturer, who was indicted for trafficking illegal weapons in the late 1990s,” reports the American Independent.

“Sigal Chattah, the Republican nominee to be Nevada’s top law enforcement officer, counts the director of sales at a weapons manufacturer who was charged in the late 1990s with the illegal importation and sale of arms and weapons among her donors, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the American Independent Foundation.”

Coming to DeBord’s defense, Chattah called him a “patriot” and told the American Independent, “‘I will not be returning any campaign contributions from Mr. DeBord…’”

In addition, “She’s railed against criminal justice reform efforts and falsely accused Ford of responsibility for an increase in crime in the state. According to the Nevada Independent, violent crime is actually down since Ford took office in 2018.”

Sigal Chattah isn’t ready for the job as AG. She has never prosecuted a case and doesn’t understand how the Nevada AG’s office works – not to mention she wants to imprison women who get abortions. Instead, she’s putting the special interests and accused arms smugglers first, rather than convincing Nevadans why she’s right for the job.


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