GOP Hypocrisy: Attorneys General Push to Weaken Water Protection Even As They Play Politics with East Palestine

March 2, 2023

Washington, DC — After fake outrage over the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, Republican AGs are seizing on the tragedy to push their extreme agenda of rolling back water protection. The New Republic reports, “The charade has now hit another milestone, as Republicans line up behind a party-wide push to deregulate water protection in the United States.”

“In East Palestine, the train derailment implicated numerous scales of waterways—some that interlink with adjacent smaller streams and wetlands. […] Still, scores of Republicans—lawmakers in Congress, state attorneys general, and Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices—are threatening to make it harder for the federal government to protect waterways.”

 “On February 2, just one day before the East Palestine derailment that polluted numerous community waterways, all 49 Senate Republicans and 152 House Republicans signed on to a challenge against Biden’s rule, clamoring to deregulate water protection. And on February 16, 24 Republican attorneys general—including Ohio’s—announced a lawsuit against the EPA, complaining about federal overreach as the world witnessed Ohio bungling the protection of its own community’s waters and stubbornly refusing to accept federal help.”

 “And still, Republicans pretending to care about the people of East Palestine and their waterways have signed on to a party-wide effort to roll back water protections. Their guiding mission to deregulate the economy trumps all sense, welfare of people or the environment be damned.”


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