Hedge Fund Lawyer Jim Schultz Defends Big Oil in Minnesota AG Race

August 22, 2022

Washington, DC — The Minneapolis Star-Tribune spotlighted a clear contrast in the Minnesota AG race over the weekend. GOP nominee Jim Schultz, who made his money with an investment firm and hedge fund, has decided to defend Big Oil polluters instead of Minnesotans.

The Star Tribune writes: “A lawsuit by Democratic Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to hold large fossil fuel firms responsible for deceiving the public on climate change has become a campaign issue as Ellison defends his seat this year.”

“‘This lawsuit is in the long and successful tradition of Minnesota attorneys general standing up to protect Minnesotans from corporate fraud and deception by Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and now Big Oil,’ Ellison wrote in an e-mailed statement. ‘This is what Minnesotans expect from their attorney general. It’s the right fight to be having.’”

“There is a clear contrast in this race between a candidate who serves as the People’s Lawyer, like AG Keith Ellison has, and a hedge fund lawyer like Jim Schultz who wants to make sure Big Oil gets off the hook,” said Emily Trifone, Deputy Communications Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

The story clearly highlights how Attorney General Ellison has been fighting for Minnesotans – which we know Jim Schultz won’t do.

“Ellison, however, argued in an e-mail that ‘ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute knew for decades their industries were a major source of climate change and were causing Minnesotans long-term harm.’”


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