HuffPo: With Kris Kobach “Kansas Abortion Nightmare Isn’t Over Yet”

August 11, 2022

The Far-Right Extremist is Making Yet Another Comeback Attempt, This Time as Kansas AG

Washington, DC — Last week, nationally-known extremist Kris Kobach won the GOP primary for Kansas Attorney General. The news of his primary win came on the same night when Kansans resoundingly rejected the anti-abortion ballot measure. But abortion is still very much on the ballot come November. As HuffPost’s Alanna Vagianos writes“A general election win for Kobach — a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump — would likely mean the fight for abortion rights in Kansas is far from over.”

HuffPost continues“Kobach has a long anti-abortion record, including being one of the lead proponents of the Value Them Both amendment that nearly 60% of Kansans voted against.”

“Kobach has continually called for the Supreme Court to repeal Roe v. Wade, and believes there should be no exceptions for abortion restrictions.”

“The day after winning his party’s nomination for state attorney general, Kobach told The Associated Press he was disappointed that Kansans rejected the Value Them Both amendment that would have stripped protections for abortion rights from the state constitution. He walked back his disappointment in an interview later that same day. ‘I’ll be an attorney general for all Kansans regardless of their political affiliation,’ Kobach told a local news outlet.”

“But, in a five-point plan published in May that details what Kobach would do if elected, the Republican openly prioritized restricting abortion access in the state…’I will also push for additional laws to make Kansas the most pro-life state in America.’”

It’s clear that Kobach is a radical and clearly out-of-touch with Kansans on this and so many issues. And they’ll remember that when headed to the polls this November.


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