ICYMI: AG Fitch Fails to Keep Mississippians Safe

August 7, 2023

Mississippi Today: In Officer-Involved Shootings “...[Fitch’s] Office Has Moved Forward on Only a Fraction of the Nearly 50 Cases”

Washington, DC — Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch has failed to keep her constituents safe. Today, Mississippi Today revealed that in the year since AG Lynn Fitch received the exclusive responsibility to prosecute law enforcement-involved shootings, “her office has moved forward on only a fraction of the nearly 50 cases.”

“Since July 1, 2022, when the law went into effect, through the end of July 2023, 23 people have died in shootings by law enforcement, according to records from the Department of Public Safety. Those fatalities account for half of the officer shootings in the year.”

“Fitch’s prosecution of the five former Rankin County sheriff’s deputies and a former Richland Police Department officer came only after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the officers pleading guilty in federal court.”

“Meanwhile, the attorney general’s office declined to prosecute three times and did not secure an indictment for one officer-involved shooting case that happened between July 2022 and July 2023.”

“Other than the January Rankin County incident, there have been no reviews or indictments for the other 18 officer shootings that happened this year. Community members have called for answers and the release of any existing body camera footage in several of those incidents.”

Mississippi deserves better from their AG.


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