ICYMI: Anti-Abortion Extremist Won the Minnesota GOP AG Nomination

August 11, 2022

Jim Schultz Worked With Group That Spreads Debunked Abortion Conspiracy Theories

Washington, DC — Jim Schultz, an anti-abortion extremist who worked with a group that spreads lies about abortion, won the Republican primary in the Minnesota attorney general race. Schultz “has served on the board of an anti-abortion group that spreads debunked claims that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, drug abuse, suicide and other mental health problems,” exposed the Minnesota Reformer.

“Republican candidate Jim Schultz said during a March candidate forum he served on the board of directors for the Human Life Alliance, a nonprofit that produces anti-abortion information and distributes it across the nation and beyond.”

“While Schultz recently told MPR he would defend Minnesota’s abortion laws if elected, he said during the candidate forum he would do everything he could to ensure that unborn are ‘defended aggressively.’”

“A Human Life Alliance publication called ‘She’s a Child, Not a Choice’ says abortion doesn’t heal a woman who was raped, but just ‘adds another emotionally traumatic experience.’”

Debunking their false claims, “The American Cancer Society says scientific research has not found abortions cause breast cancer, and the American Psychological Association says abortion is not linked to mental health issues, although restricting access to abortion is.”

AG Keith Ellison is a reproductive rights champion who has vowed to defend abortion access and stands on the side of Minnesota voters. As a new poll from MinnPost and Change Research found, Minnesotans broadly support abortion rights — 67 percent of Minnesota likely voters oppose a ban on abortions in all circumstances. Jim Schultz is out-of-touch and voters will recognize that come November.


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