ICYMI: Big Lie Supporter AG Candidate Joins Trump For AZ Rally

July 25, 2022

Abe Hamadeh Too Extreme for Arizona

Washington, DC — With just over a week to go until the primary, Arizona is shaping up to be the next-high stakes test of former President Donald Trump’s political influence. On Friday, Big Lie supporter and far-right extremist GOP AG candidate Abe Hamadeh joined Trump for a rally in Prescott Valley.

During the rally, Hamadeh continued to praise the fringe, debunked movie “2000 Mules” that has been widely mocked across the country.

Hamadeh has made no attempt to distance himself from Trump’s extreme brand of politics and embraces extremism with his support of the Big Lie and promises to enforce Arizona’s anti- abortion laws.

Arizonans deserve someone who will be a true Lawyer for the People. Kris Mayes has proven she is a fighter, will take bold action to protect our environment and reproductive rights, and will always put Arizonans first.


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