ICYMI: DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum Secures Key Endorsements Heading into Final Weeks

October 23, 2020

In case you missed it, DAGA Co-Chair Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum secured three key editorial board endorsements on her path to re-election this November.


  • The Oregonian editorial board endorsed writing, “Rosenblum, the Democratic incumbent since 2012, hands down has the experience, judgment and record to merit Oregonians’ vote.” The editorial board continued by writing, “Rosenblum’s explanation of how her office is addressing the different kinds of cases that are affected by the ruling demonstrates her measured evaluation of impacts to defendants, victims and the justice system.” The editorial board closed by writing, “Such consideration for all segments of the public reflects the broad view that an attorney general should have. Rosenblum deserves a third term.”


  • The Bend Bulletin editorial board endorsed writing, “Rosenblum … does have that record as an attorney, judge and as the state’s attorney general.” The editorial board continued by writing, “Her office has created change to curb police profiling and reduce hate crimes. She has worked to better ensure Oregonians get easier access to public documents. She took action a few years ago to ensure technology companies can only use education software for education purposes — not for gobbling up data about students.” The editorial board closed by writing, “It’s easy to go on. And that is very good news for Oregonians. Vote for Rosenblum.”


  • The Eugene Weekly editorial board endorsed writing, “Running for her third term, Ellen Rosenblum is a slam dunk for us.” The editorial board closed by writing, “With a long record of working for Oregonians, Rosenblum has been especially active with other attorneys general in fighting against Donald Trump.”


These endorsements highlight AG Rosenblum’s commitment to the people of Oregon—a commitment Oregon voters trust. In the primary, AG Rosenblum received nearly twice as many votes as her Republican challenger. AG Rosenblum is on track to re-election this November.


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