ICYMI: Dan Bishop Calls Blatant Election Fraud “Minor”

May 31, 2024

The 2020 Election Denier and GOP Nominee for Attorney General in NC Can’t Have it Both Ways

Washington, DC — Turns out, far-right Republicans can pick and choose when to care about election fraud…as long as it benefits them.

Last week, The Guardian reported that Dan Bishop, the far-right extremist who’s running for Attorney General in North Carolina, “dismissed a significant election fraud incident in 2018 that resulted in a new election as ‘some fairly minor illegal ballot harvesting.’”

The same guy who voted to overturn the 2020 election due to baseless claims of voter fraud, is now dismissing a significant, evidence-backed, incident of election fraud and calling it “minor.” Why? Because it benefited him.

As The Guardian reported, “In 2018, Mark Harris, a Republican, won the race to represent North Carolina’s ninth congressional district. But shortly after the election, the North Carolina state board of elections voted to overturn a congressional election and call a new one after an investigation revealed that a Harris operative was illegally collecting absentee ballots from voters. Harris decided not to run again and Bishop ultimately won the seat.”

Dan Bishop can’t be trusted. And that’s why come November, North Carolinians will elect Jeff Jackson as their next Attorney General, who will always defend democracy and stand up for what’s right.



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