ICYMI: Democratic AGs Speak Out on Efforts to Protect Abortion

March 27, 2024

As SCOTUS heard arguments in mifepristone case, Dem AGs remind Americans of collective work to safeguard access

Washington, DC — Yesterday, across the nation, Democratic Attorneys General spoke about the importance of defending abortion access and outlined the legal measures they are taking to safeguard the abortion pill mifepristone. Democratic AGs made it clear that they’ll continue to fight like hell against Republican-led attacks on reproductive health care.

POLITICO’s Alice Ollstein writes, “A group of 18 Democratic attorneys generals is also suing the FDA, arguing that the agency should drop all remaining restrictions on mifepristone and allow the drug to be prescribed and dispensed like any other prescription medication.” 

“Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, one of the leaders of that effort, said in an interview in Washington, D.C., following Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments that their case could potentially shield member states from whatever restrictions on abortion pills the Supreme Court orders.”

AG Rosenblum also said to POLITICO, “‘We’ve created kind of a safe space,’ she said. And if the Supreme Court sides with the FDA and upholds the current rules for the pills, they can keep fighting for broader access.”

Speaking at a rally outside the Supreme Court, New York AG Letitia James said, “Hands off our bodies. We cannot allow anti-choice forces to make political decisions and ignore the facts, ignore the science, ignore the judgment of medical professionals. Hell no.”

Newsweek also highlighted AG James’ action in leading a coalition of 24 attorneys general challenging the Texas ruling on mifepristone. “‘The decision to halt the FDA’s longstanding approval of mifepristone was clearly misguided and not based on science or medical research. Restricting access to a medication that has been proven safe over decades of research harms public health and rights of millions of Americans,’ she said in an April 2023 statement.”

In an interview with MSNBC, California AG Rob Bonta said, “[Mifepristone] is safe. It’s been safe. It’s been safe for over 20 years, and it’s the most common method of abortion in the United States. It’s safer than Tylenol, it’s safer than a colonoscopy, safer than Viagra, safer than a wisdom teeth removal. It’s safe.”

Colorado AG Phil Weiser told CNN,  “Coloradans rely on this. And to force Coloradans to either get a medical abortion or a drug that is less reliable or effective, it’s just wrong. It goes against what the court said in Dobbs, which is that this will be up to the states. That’s why we’re fighting so hard for this reproductive freedom. We know that the battle joined in Dobbs is not over. This is one other example of fighting for reproductive freedom.”

Michigan AG Dana Nessel told CBS Detroit, “It’s really insane to think that you would have judges making decisions instead of physicians, scientists, and researchers all of whom have indicated that mifepristone is an incredibly safe and effective product.”


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