ICYMI: Electing Dem AGs in ‘22 Matters to Protect Democracy in ‘24

February 15, 2022

American Independent Talks to Election Experts Who Warn GOP AGs Could Help Steal 2024 Election

Washington, DC — There is already a disturbing pattern of Republican AGs or Republican AG candidates’ involvement in the ‘Big Lie’ and January 6th, including the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA). The American Independent’s Nick Vachon recently spoke with election experts on how electing GOP Attorneys General in 2022 could help them steal the 2024 presidential election.

“As their states’ top law enforcement officials, Republican attorneys general could use their broad powers to undermine the results of the 2024 presidential election with false claims of voter fraud,” reports Vachon. “A Republican attorney general who is determined to undermine election results in their state would have broad authority to open investigations into claims of voter fraud, issue opinions on election law, and could even indict elections officials and poll workers, legal experts said.”“Attorneys general ‘have the broadest lanes of options and the most independence, I would argue, out of any official in state government,’” shared Paul Nolette, a political scientist at Marquette University. He goes on to share, “’I think they could have a substantial impact on election rules, and certainly the morass of litigation which, unfortunately, probably seems inevitable at this point in future election cycles.’”Seth Masket, a University of Denver political scientist, shared a hypothetical, but realistic 2024 situation. “‘If you have a state which votes narrowly Democratic but the state government is largely Republican, and the attorney general is Republican, we could see situations where the attorney general supports challenges to the way the vote was conducted, that they echo and bring forward some local concerns about the security of the vote, that they try and prosecute people for voting illegally, that they go after county clerks,’” The American Independent reported.

From Michigan to Wisconsin to Arizona, “Republicans running for attorney general in states which were close in the 2020 election appear ready to take a harder line against election crimes; many have begun to stoke fears around alleged voter fraud and undermine the legitimacy of state and national elections,” writes Vachon.

Democratic Attorneys General are on front lines of protecting democracy, and with the midterms in sight and the 2024 presidential election slowly approaching, the work they’re doing to protect voting rights has never been more important. It’s vital that Americans elect Democratic AGs in 2022 who will defend democracy and our nation’s peaceful transfer of power in the years ahead.


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