ICYMI: Republican Todd Rokita Bucks Trump Admin Guidelines, Puts Public in Danger

August 11, 2020

Rokita Forgoes Mask & Social Distancing at Indoor Event


Todd Rokita seems to believe he deserves to live by his own rules. Earning the nickname “The Rokita Rules,” Todd Rokita acts like there is a separate set of rules designed just for him while the rest of Indiana must follow a different set of guidelines. Most recently, Todd Rokita decided he didn’t need to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing guidelines at an indoor event with supporters, posing for photos and spending time in close proximity to one another. This behavior threatens the health and safety of his supporters and their families, Rokita himself, and his staffers.


Todd Rokita (Right) poses with a supporter in late July


When confronted about his careless actions Rokita said, “I used my judgement and commonsense to determine that I and others around me were safe…” Last we checked, Todd Rokita was not a medical professional nor a public health expert. Instead of heeding the advice of the Trump administration and researchers stressing the importance of mask wearing and social distancing, he followed his Rokita Rules yet again.

At a time when Indiana is seeing COVID cases rising at a rate of 1000+ new cases each day, how can Hoosiers trust Todd Rokita to protect their health and safety if he’s not listening to medical professionals and insisting he gets to play by his own Rokita Rules. Rokita is infamous for being an out-of-touch politician who thinks he’s better than others, but his failure to lead by example during this time of crisis is especially alarming. Lives on are on the line—and Rokita’s behavior is unacceptable.

Only one candidate running to be Indiana’s next Attorney General is listening to the experts, defending access to affordable health care, and protecting the public’s health and safety: Jonathan Weinzapfel.

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