INDIANA AG RACE UPDATE: Democratic AG Candidates Outraise Republicans Including Embattled Incumbent AG Curtis Hill

January 24, 2020

Republican AG Curtis Hill Reports Meager Fundraising as Sexual Misconduct Investigation Continues to Unfold

As 2020 continues to heat up, Democratic AG candidates around the country continue to show their viability and fundraising potential even in tough states. The latest examples come from Indiana where Democratic AG candidates Karen Tallian, a state Senator and minority leader, and Jonathan Weinzapfel, former Evansville Mayor, both independently outraised Republican candidates including embattled incumbent AG Curtis Hill.

State Senator Karen Tallian raised more than $200,000 and former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel raised more than $600,000 compared to the lagging $120,000 raised by Republican incumbent Curtis Hill and the just over $21,000 raised by Jonathan Westercamp, one the GOP primary challengers.

Republican incumbent Curtis Hill is mired in an investigation by the Indiana Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission for alleged sexual misconduct that could cost him his law license, and his vulnerability is drawing a tough primary challenge. His lackluster fundraising has not helped.

Turmoil continues to brew in the Republican Party over how to handle the Curtis Hill investigation, as the opportunity for a Democratic flip grows. Coupled with strong early fundraising from Democratic AG candidates, Indiana will heat up around the AG race.

The people of Indiana have a lot to gain from a Democratic AG, who would not only serve as a much-needed check on its’ Republican dominant state government, but also defend health care, stand up to special interests, and take on the opioid crisis.

Indiana holds a state convention on June 13th where each party will select its nominee, and DAGA is ready to engage in the state.

Our democracy can't wait.

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