ICYMI: KC Star Editorial Slams Kris Kobach’s AG Campaign; Kansas Open AG Seat on the Map

May 5, 2021

In case you missed it, Kris Kobach launched his campaign for Kansas Attorney General and is already facing steep opposition, including from his own party.

The Kansas City Star Editorial Board slammed Kobach.

“The candidacy of the two-time losing bomb thrower, whose bombs mostly go off in his own face, has moved Christmas up from December for the state’s Democrats.”

“The nickname ‘Kansas Cyclone,’ once applied affectionately to Dwight D. Eisenhower, could very well be affixed pejoratively to Kobach’s miles-long trail of legal destruction. Time and again through the years, he has lost in court and had to be schooled, reprimanded and sanctioned.”

“A federal judge not only found him in contempt but ordered him into continuing legal education for his behavior…”

“The ever-assured Kobach, immune from such honest appraisals, still seems to think he’s got a glow about him, but that’s his radioactivity.”

“In his AG campaign press release, he said he wants to combat what he sees as the Biden administration’s “unconstitutional overreach.” And no one knows more about overreach than Kris Kobach does.”

Read the full editorial here.

The Kansas City Star Editorial Board also said, “the right Democrat could actually win this office.”

Shortly after his announcement, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall slammed Kobach’s chances saying, “I think he’ll have a hard time winning a general election.”

And before the ink was even dry on Kobach’s announcement, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce added to the chorus of criticism surrounding Kobach’s bid saying:

“The Kansas business community has great concerns about whether Kris Kobach, as attorney general, can adequately and effectively represent Kansas businesses and individuals successfully in court. Kobach’s candidate puts too much at risk.”

As a reminder, a federal judge ordered “Kobach…to take more hours of continuing legal education after he was found in contempt and was frequently chided during the trial over missteps.”

Lastly, in addition to being rejected twice by Kansas voters in 2018 and in 2020, Kobach served as general counsel for a Trump-affiliated nonprofit called “We Build the Wall” whose leaders were charged with “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

The open Kansas Attorney General was already on DAGA’s 2022 map. If Kobach becomes the nominee, there is no doubt Kansas becomes even more competitive.

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