ICYMI: Las Vegas Sun Ed Board Praises Nevada Attorney General Ford

September 4, 2019

I wanted to be sure you saw this weekend’s editorial from the Las Vegas Sun applauding Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford’s successful first nine months in office defined by his dedication to protecting Nevada families and communities against the federal government’s cruel and discriminatory actions—stepping in when other elected officials refuse to take action.


Here is what you may have missed from the editorial in the Las Vegas Sun:


Before he began his term as Nevada attorney general in January, Aaron Ford established a simple test to determine whether the state should go to court against the federal government.


If an action hurt Nevada families, he said, he’d sue.


Entering his ninth month in office, Ford has proven time and again he was serious about his vow to protect Nevadans.


Ford has signed the state into several multistate lawsuits opposing cruel and discriminatory policies adopted by the White House.


The Las Vegas Sun goes on to highlight key lawsuits including:

  • AG Ford joining the 20 Democratic AG coalition opposing the Trump administration’s new rule allowing potentially indefinite detention of immigrant children.
  • AG Ford signing onto the Democratic AG-led coalition to challenge an HHS rule that would allow health care providers to deny treatment to people based on their religious or moral convictions.
  • AG Ford filing a motion to block the Trump administration from diverting $1.6 billion in federal funds to build a border wall. Nevada was among 20 states attempting to block the transfer of the funds, which originally were meant for law enforcement, drug interdiction and military construction projects. 

Perhaps most importantly, AG Ford is also working diligently at the local and state level to take care of Nevada families. According to the
 Las Vegas Sun, “he’s also been prosecuting criminals, suing companies for unscrupulous and predatory behavior, working with state lawmakers in support of such legislation as universal background checks on gun purchases, and much more.”

Nevada AG Ford
 is proof that Democratic AGs deliver for the people. Electing leaders like AG Ford is critically important to protecting our democracy and our system of checks and balances. With a gridlocked Congress and a chaotic presidency, AG Ford is a leader Nevadans can trust to follow through on the promise to put people first.

For the full Las Vegas Sun editorial, check out the link here.

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