ICYMI: “In a book with many villains, one stands out: Patrick Morrisey”

April 9, 2020

New York Times Book Review Slams West Virginia AG Morrisey

This week in a New York Times Book Review of “Death in Mud Lick” by Eric Eyre, West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey gets a shout out – and not the kind that’s helpful during an election year. Morrisey is up for re-election this November.

Key excerpt from the New York Times Book Review titled “How Painkiller Pushers Took Over Coal Country”:

“Death in Mud Lick” is a book about the opioid crisis in West Virginia. Patrick Morrisey’s portrayal as a villain reinforces the Republican AG’s close connection to the opioid industry and his past reputation for failing to do enough to confront the opioid epidemic destroying West Virginian families and communities.

For more on AG Morrisey’s close ties to the opioid industry and the state of the West Virginia AG race this November, check out this note here.

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