ICYMI: RAGA Doubles Down on Extremism; Tumultuous Week Ensues

April 27, 2021

RAGA Promotes Architect of January 6th as New ED; Chair GA AG Chris Carr Resigns; Finance Director Resigns

In case you missed it, the Republican Attorneys General Association promoted Pete Bisbee to be their new Executive Director. Prior, Bisbee was the executive director of RAGA’s policy arm – the Rule of Law Defense Fund – which sponsored and promoted via robocall the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally that turned into a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol resulting in at least five deaths, including a Capitol police officer.

The promotion, and the turmoil surrounding it, shows how divisive and extreme the Republican Attorneys General have become over the last year. Rather than apologizing for their involvement, and taking steps to help bring this country together, Republican AGs and the Republican Attorneys General Association have doubled down and consciously chosen to continue to go further down a political path that has already proven extreme, violent, and deadly.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: GOP AGs group promotes operative behind robocalls urging march to Capitol

Prior to the announcement, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution broke the story that RAGA’s Chair Georgia AG Chris Carr resigned from his leadership position. In a letter, Carr wrote:

  • “…there is a significant difference of opinion among the members of RAGA’s executive committee as to the direction this organization should take going forward.”
  • “This fundamental difference of opinion began with vastly opposite views of the significance of the events of January 6 … the differences have continued … and were reflected once again during the process of choosing our next executive director.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Carr steps down from Republican AGs group under fire for robocall

Additionally, the Alabama Politics Reporter broke the news that RAGA’s Finance Director resigned as well. In an email to Republican AGs, she wrote:

  • “As RLDF Executive Director, Pete Bisbee approved the robocall expenditure, and was the only other person accountable for RLDF involvement in the January 6 events. Over the last few months, I have fielded, reassured and assuaged concerns from our core donor base on the future direction of our organization. The result of the executive committee vote to nominate Pete as RAGA’s Executive Director is a decision I cannot defend.”

Alabama Politics Reporter: RAGA finance director resigns amid January 6 robocall fallout

Lastly, The Hill reported that the Republican Attorneys General Association is in “turmoil.” Here are a few highlights:

  • “In recent weeks, factions have emerged among the nation’s 26 Republican attorneys general. Strategists, former staffers and donors familiar with RAGA’s operations used words like ‘chaos’ and ‘disaster’ to describe the months that followed.”
  • “The other faction’s leaders include Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), who spoke at the Jan. 6 rally, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes (R), Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R) and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R). Those Republicans appear to have outflanked Carr in the hunt for a new executive director.”

The Hill: GOP attorneys general group in turmoil after Jan. 6 Trump rally

As a reminder, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under indictment, under FBI investigation for a separate matter, and is being sued by multiple whistleblowers for wrongful termination. Paxton, a former RAGA Chair, traveled to D.C. to speak at the “Stop the Steal” rally where he told people, “What we have in President Trump is a fighter. And I think that’s why we’re all here…We will not quit fighting.”

With more than 30 state Attorney General races on the ballot in 2022, RAGA in turmoil, and Republican AGs doubling down on extremism, states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Texas and others are becoming even more competitive with a real chance to flip multiple states blue.

Voters want their state Attorney General to fight for them, their family, and their communities – a true “People’s Lawyer.” The contrast between Republican AGs and Democratic AGs couldn’t be clearer. Republican AGs, through their actions, are signaling to people that they are more interested in continuing further down a political path that isolates and divides. Republican AGs and RAGA have made it clear beyond a shadow of doubt that they are out for themselves and out-of-touch, even with voters and donors from their own party.

Democratic AGs continue to prove to people that they are true public servants. Leaders the people can count on to bring stability and progress. Leaders who are fighting for all people, their families, and their communities. Democratic AGs’ track record of pursuing justice, fighting for equity, and holding bad actors accountable to the rule of law is unmatched. And ensuring an equal and level playing field for all, be it Main St families or Wall St corporations, is at the heart of Democratic AGs economic justice work.

As people look to elected leaders to bring this country together and make progress that improves people’s lives, Democratic AGs will continue to meet the moment and be the trusted leaders people can count on to have their backs.

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