February 27, 2020

Three Republican AGs Go Down the Rabbit Hole, Spread False Info and Spew Hateful Rhetoric


Ahead of the Democratic Debate this week in Charleston, South Carolina, the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) hosted a bizarre and alarming panel with former RAGA chair Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge, Georgia AG Chris Carr, and South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. The conversation was all about the “#LawlessLiberals”— surprisingly the Dem AGs 80% win record in court didn’t come up—and the panel quickly turned into a mess of lies, misinformation, and extremes that clearly showcase just how out of touch RAGA and the Republican AGs are with the American people.


Take a quick look at some of the most shocking and out of touch comments from these Republican leaders:


QUOTE: “We are duty bound to support our president” – South Carolina AG Alan Wilson (source)

FACT: The duty of a state Attorney General is to uphold the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution – not to appease any one party or party leader.  This kind of rhetoric and thinking is what leads to unchecked abuses of power and the loss of trust of the electorate.


QUOTE: “The Democratic Attorneys General Association announced a litmus test for candidates to receive the groups backing: ‘unfettered access to abortion rights.’… Democrats position becoming more radical than middle America.” – Former South Carolina AG Charlie Condon (44min mark)

FACT: In November, the Democratic Attorneys General Association became the first national Democratic Party Committee to require (Attorney General) candidates seeking its endorsement to stand with the MAJORITY of Americans by publicly committing to protecting reproductive rights, including access to abortion. Recent polling shows 77% of Americans say the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v Wade.

DAGA is not asking anyone to change their personal beliefs on abortion, this requirement is about protecting the legal right to make decisions about what happens with your own body.


QUOTE: “Now the debate is no longer about those things. The debate is now over are we going to make the baby, after its been delivered and survives the abortion, are we going to resuscitate it, make it comfortable so we can then have a conversation on whether or not we’re going to kill it. It’s to when we’re going to commit infanticide. That is where the debate has been moved to.” – South Carolina AG Alan Wilson (46min mark).

FACT: The Republican Party knows this kind of language is factually inaccurate. Using lies like this is fear-mongering and dangerous. Recent polling shows that 7 in 10 Americans support Roe v Wade. Instead of spreading lies and instilling unsubstantiated fear, elected officials should be working hard to protect the lives, health, and well-being of the people making these incredibly personal and difficult decisions.


In just an hour-long conversation, these Republican AGs pandered to Trump, spread misinformation, and deployed hateful, divisive, anti-immigrant rhetoric that alienates millions of Americans.


This November, there are 12 AG seats on the map and RAGA and the GOP apparatus are planning to spend millions of dollars to elect leaders “who are duty bound” to President Trump.


South Carolina AG Alan Wilson actually wrapped things up nicely by saying: “One party seems to be creeping further and further and further and further away from all reason and sanity.”


And it’s pretty clear after RAGA’s panel yesterday, that party is the GOP. These Republican AG leaders have gone off the deep end—and polling suggests the American people aren’t going to rescue them or even throw them a life jacket this November.

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