ICYMI: Rokita Caught Misleading Voters in Latest TV Ad

October 30, 2020

Hoosiers across the state began questioning Todd Rokita’s political ad in which he falsely claims he will “protect Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions.”

  • One Hoosier wrote into their local news station WTHR saying, “Hasn’t he voted in Congress over and over to end Obamacare?”
  • Another Hoosier wrote, “Did Todd Rokita vote to end protections for pre-existing conditions? Is his TV ad inaccurate?”

WTHR’s fact check found, “During Rokita’s eight years in Congress from 2011 through 2018, he voted to repeal coverage for patient protection and funding for the Affordable Care Act every time it came up, according to both government and industry tracking.”

Rokita’s campaign claims that a new law passed by the legislature would guarantee “coverage for Hoosiers” with pre-existing conditions, even if the Supreme Court rules to repeal the ACA. But, that was quickly countered by Weinzapfel’s campaign, “What Rokita neglects to tell Hoosiers is the law only protects state employees…” which WTHR said, “does appear to be the case.” WTHR continued, “Researchers suggest that means the 53 percent of Hoosiers with employer-provided health insurance could fall through the gaps if their plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.”

Read the full fact check of Rokita’s misleading political ad here.

“Rokita is hellbent on pursuing his political agenda that without a doubt will harm millions of Hoosiers if he succeeds,” said Amanda Trump, DAGA Deputy Political Director. “Worse, he wants to use taxpayer dollars to take health care away – and he’s seeking to do it in the middle of global pandemic. Access to affordable health care is on the ballot and only one candidate has the bipartisan support to protect Hoosiers: Jonathan Weinzapfel.”

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