ICYMI: UT AG Sean Reyes Lied About Health Care, Praised White Supremacist During AG Debate

October 23, 2020

On Wednesday, after nearly a month of Reyes delaying and dodging a debate, Utah Republican Attorney General Sean Reyes and Democratic candidate Greg Skordas finally faced off in Utah’s first and only AG debate. As expected, Reyes continued to mislead the public and leave Utah voters in the dark. Here’s a bit of what you missed:

  • Reyes LIED when he said, “If the ACA is repealed no one would lose coverage.” The truth? If the ACA is repealed, 102,000 Utahns will lose coverage and 1.2 million Utahns will lose protections for pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes and now COVID-19. By leading a lawsuit to strip access to care away from people, Reyes is actively working against the will of the people who voted to expand Medicaid coverage through Prop 3 just two years ago.
  • Reyes PRAISED Damien Patton – the founder of Banjo – calling him a “good person.” The truth? Patton was forced to resign earlier this year due to his “involvement in shooting at a synagogue with KKK members at age 17”. Reyes wasted taxpayer money by helping Banjo, a massive surveillance system that puts Utahns privacy at risk, through a $21 million no-bid contract
  • Reyes was SILENT and dodged questions when asked about his decision to take and spend a $50,000 campaign donation from Washakie Renewable Energy while they were under federal investigation for perpetuating a half-billion dollar tax fraud scheme involving biofuels. Utahns can’t expect Reyes to protect them from frauds when he shamelessly takes dirty money.

“Reyes got on the debate stage and did exactly what we expected him to do—mislead Utah voters on kitchen table issues,” said Utah native and DAGA Political Director Farah Melendez. “The people of Utah know that Reyes is coming for our health care, siding with white supremacists, and putting his political career ahead of Utah families. Utahns deserve an AG with good judgement who they can trust, that leader is Greg Skordas.”

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