ICYMI: Virginia Republican AG Goes Soft on Pedophile Cop

April 15, 2022

AG Miyares Gives Plea Deal to Sheriff’s Deputy Convicted of Soliciting Minor, And Then Denies It

Washington, DC — The American Independent reported this week that Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares lied about a plea deal he gave to a pedophile cop. “The Virginia attorney general’s office and state Republicans have misled the public about a plea deal offered to a former sheriff’s deputy who was convicted of attempting to solicit a minor for sex, according to court documents obtained by The American Independent Foundation,” they reported.

The article continues that Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy Dustin Amos, “was charged with two felony counts of soliciting a minor using an electronic device and agreed to plead guilty to the first charge if Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares’ office dropped the second charge.”

“On March 24, NBC 4 Washington reported that Amos had accepted a plea deal from the Virginia attorney general’s office, and on March 28, the state politics newsletter Virginia Scope covered the story.”

And according to publicly available court documents, the plea agreement with Amos and his attorney was signed by the AG’s office on March 3, the American Independent reports.

This reporting comes after months of AG Miyares and Virginia Republicans attacking Democrats and former Virginia AG Mark Herring for being “soft on crime,” including AG Miyares calling out attorneys in the state for their use of plea deals in criminal cases. But now, AG Miayres himself is giving out a plea deal to a pedophile, and then denying it.

Virginia’s AG is supposed to be the ”People’s Lawyer,” but he hasn’t even been in office for six months and is already lying to the public. What could be next?


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