ICYMI: WaPo Names GOP AG Nominee Election Deniers

August 15, 2022

Trump-Backed Candidates Could Be Positioned to Overturn 2024 Election

Washington, DC — The midterm election season is in full swing, and this November, “GOP nominees who dispute the 2020 results could be positioned to play a critical role in the next presidential election,” alarms The Washington Post. If election deniers win, “It would potentially delay the result, undermine confidence in the democratic system and sow the seeds of civil strife on a scale even greater than what the nation saw on Jan. 6, 2021.”

When it comes to the GOP primaries, “The winners fit a pattern: Across the battleground states that decided the 2020 vote, candidates who deny the legitimacy of that election have claimed nearly two-thirds of GOP nominations for state and federal offices with authority over elections, according to a Washington Post analysis.”

Among the named candidates are GOP AG nominees Abe Hamadeh in Arizona, Matt DePerno in Michigan, and Sigal Chattah in Nevada.

“Had those candidates held power in 2020, they would have had the electoral clout to try something that the current officeholders refused: overturning the vote and denying Biden the presidency,” says the Post.

“If GOP candidates make good on their promises to try to block an election result they deem suspicious without evidence of widespread irregularities, it won’t happen without a fight. Democrats and voting-rights advocates are already preparing to take legal action if any state officials seek to block the certification of the popular vote.” 


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