ICYMI: Washington AG Bob Ferguson Joined CNN to Discuss Democratic AGs Coalition to Protect Abortion Medication

December 18, 2023

“We Need Elected Officials at Every Level of Government Who Are Standing Up for Reproductive Freedom and Using the Powers They Have”

Washington, DC — After the U.S. Supreme Court announced last week it will consider whether to restrict access to the abortion drug mifepristone even in states where abortion is allowed, Washington AG Bob Ferguson joined CNN to discuss the multistate coalition he’s leading alongside Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum to protect abortion access.

Washington AG Bob Ferguson told CNN, “I think the main thing I’d want to communicate is in a post-Dobbs world anti-abortion activists who seek to take away your freedom for your own reproductive health, they will not be satisfied with that Dobbs decision. They will stop at nothing until access to the full range of reproductive freedom is stripped away from Americans all across the country.”

AG Ferguson continues, “And this case is a really good example. It was started in Texas by a group of anti-abortion activists. They got a federal judge who literally denied access to mifepristone nationwide. And that started this legal case that has taken us all the way the United States Supreme Court, so the stakes really could not be higher for our reproductive freedoms in the United States.”

When asked about how the Court’s decision might impact voters’ decisions in 2024, AG Ferguson said, “Well, I think it’s clear that, you know, voters are alarmed by the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs to take away a constitutional right and enjoyed by millions of Americans over many, many decades. And this latest case with mifepristone is yet another example of how anti-abortion activists can literally go to a Trump appointed judge in Amarillo, Texas, and ask that judge to take away rights enjoyed by people all across the country, which is exactly what that judge did. So I think voters understand the stakes are high, and that threats to their reproductive freedom are coming from all quarters, and that we need elected officials at every level of government who are standing up for reproductive freedom and using the powers they have. […] This is important for governors, for attorneys general, at every level of office.” 




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