ICYMI: Washington Post Spotlights Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul for His Calls to End Sham 2020 “Election Review”

October 15, 2021

Earlier this week, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul called on Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and state Republican leaders to shut down the sham investigation into the 2020 election results. As the Washington Post reports, AG Kaul called the recent actions in his state “unlawful and ‘dramatically overbroad,’ and he urged Republicans to ‘shut this fake investigation down.’”   

AG Kaul held a news conference earlier this week on the subject, criticizing efforts from those leading the election “audit.” As the Washington Post reports, AG Kaul “said the review is ‘not a serious investigation’ and ‘suffers from glaring flaws that destroy any credibility that its results could have.’” 

Just as Democratic Attorneys General across the country have been doing, AG Kaul is rightfully calling out these actions in his state, a key 2022 battleground state, that are contributing to the months-long disinformation campaign that continues to threaten our democracy and urging them to come to an end. As AG Kaul shared at his news conference, these actions are “continuing to fan the flames of the ‘big lie’ and it is falsely undermining confidence in our elections.’” 

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