ICYMI: New Filings Reveal Petsonk Powered by People; Morrisey Backed by Big PHARMA, Corporate Lobbyists

October 9, 2020


This week, financial filings reveal AG Patrick Morrisey continues to rake in thousands from Big Pharma and corporate lobbyists who oppose lowering health care costs in West Virginia. Morrisey is part of the Republican AG coalition fighting to strip health care coverage from 162,000 West Virginians strip protections from the 716,400 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions. The filings reinforce why the embattled attorney general, known as Pain Pill Pat, is more committed to Big Pharma than the people of West Virginia.


Meanwhile, Democratic nominee for AG Sam Petsonk’s fundraising numbers tell a different story. Unlike Morrisey—who’s taken more than half of his large dollar contributions from outside the state—over 80% of Petsonk’s donors gave less than $100, and over 60% of Petsonk’s campaign contributions came from West Virginians. These numbers show West Virginians are tired of a leader controlled by big corporations and ready for one who will fight for their health care.


“Pain Pill Pat is living up to his nickname—and that puts West Virginians at risk,” said Manfred Mecoy, DAGA Deputy Political Director. “It’s now abundantly clear why Patrick Morrisey is taking such an unpopular position to gut health care for his constituents: it helps his big financial backers’ bottom lines. West Virginians deserve a lot better, and that’s what they’ll get when they elect Sam Petsonk, a candidate powered by the people, next month.”


This news comes on the heels of reports that the Republican Attorneys General Association has poured more than $1.6 million into the state in an attempt to rescue Morrisey’s floundering campaign. RAGA has been forced to give to weak incumbents like Morrisey in 2020 in an attempt to cling onto seats in traditionally red states.


Learn more about AG Morrisey’s history of siding with drug companies and lobbyists here.

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